Our Partners

Payment gateway
Phantasma Chain
Through this collaboration CoverCompared will create innovative products built around the NFTs marketplace. Both the team have assessed the risks that could befall in the future and are working together to create protection products around NFTs security against impermanent loss.
LABS Group
CoverCompared collaborates with LABS Group to provide insurance products like homeowner insurance, property insurance against catastrophes, Landlord personal liability cover and impermanent loss cover on the NFT Property Assets.
Band Protocol
CoverCompared collaborates with Band Protocol to protect and insure users against smart-contract exploitations, breaches and failure.
Umbrella Network
CoverCompared will bring their expertise providing affordable insurance coverage and protection to the users of Umbrella Network.
Orion Protocol
CoverCompared offers a white-labeled solution to Orion Protocol to allow its users to purchase crypto insurance products instantly through their accounts. Users will have the choice to purchase suitable coverage comparing different offerings within the space.
Rocket Vault
CoverCompared aims to integrate with Rocket Vault by providing flexible, decentralized insurance coverage for crypto assets. CoverCompared will also provide Insurance coverage on Smart Vault holdings while also providing the Smart contract to Rocket Vault.
Gourmet Galaxy
Through this strategic collaboration, CoverCompared is working together to secure gaming NFTs in GUM, preventing an impermanent loss.
Under this integration, CoverCompared will provide TribeOne with ingenious crypto insurance products such as hack cover, gap cover, credit shield, NFT cover and smart contract cover within the DeFi Space.
Israeli Blockchain Association
Through this integration, CoverCompared is developing products for Israel based DeFi and banking platforms and will be able to access InsureTech and FinTech projects based in Israel and open up access to leverage off the Israeli blockchain ecosystem.
NFT Alley
This collaboration will allow NFT alley users to purchase various NFT covers from the CoverCompared marketplace. CoverCompared and its users will also get access to benefits such as Multi-Chain NFT Trades, Scalability, Realistic Price Discovery Mechanism on the NFT Alley platform.
Our StableCoin Pool Cover for DFYN will provide insurance to the users in the stable coin pools of DFYN.
UniLend users can now insure their custodial wallets through Wallet Hack Covers offered on our insurance marketplace. Additionally, UniLend will also provide its flash loans to CoverCompared users on our platform.
CoverCompared will essentially provide the Coinversation community with hack Covers and Smart Contract Covers along with hosting airdrop activities with the Coinversation community.
As part of this integration, NFTrade users will get access to the CoverCompared platform where NFT covers will be offered to safeguard their assets against vulnerabilities.
As part of this integration, the PixelVerse community will gain access to a platform where users can opt for insurance to safeguard their NFTs against vulnerabilities.