"Be the change you want to see in the world"

We live in a world that is empowered by technology and innovation every day – it touches nearly every aspect of our lives, changing them for the better for the most part.

One such revolutionary technological advancement was the advent of cryptocurrency - the currency that changed the world.

Over the years, Cryptocurrency usage has significantly increased due to rising inflation and demand for inflation-resistant assets. Weary users bound by the restrictive and capricious shackles of traditional financial instruments found themselves questioning the centralised bodies behind them, growing increasingly concerned about transparency and long-term stability of the whole global financial system. Thus, the people turned to this novel system of finance– an alternative solution that was freer, fairer, and nearly immutable.

This enormous boom in crypto users has proved to be revolutionary for the history of our species.

Just during Q1 2021, crypto users have doubled from 100 million to nearly 200 million. Regardless of this massive growth in population, the crypto community as a whole has been rather neglected by traditional providers of service.

Specifically, when it comes to institutions that ultimately secure user’s funds, namely, Insurance providers, there has been a significant dearth of options available to our community.


If a holder of fiat currency wants to secure his assets, be they fiscal or otherwise, there exist a plethora of options for him to do so. However, if the same individual would like to be ensured using his crypto funds – no dice.

Why does this disparity exist? Why, despite the crypto community being at the advent of innovative tech and growing every day, is the average crypto holder not afforded the same advantages as holders of more traditional instruments of payment?

We aims to right this wrong – we’re the world’s first platform that will enable crypto-holders to purchase not just specialized covers for their crypto-based assets, but also fulfill their needs in the traditional sectors of insurance such as life, health, home, etc. – all bought using a host of different cryptocurrencies.


We are here to address the needs of the crypto community. We understand the growing concerns of safety in the crypto ecosystem, and we firmly believe that every individual deserves the chance to protect their valuable assets without worrying about costs and limitations. Protection shouldn’t be conditional. It is time insurers were empathetic to the hardships faced by unprotected crypto users.

CoverCompared, is the worlds first platform offering crypto and traditional insurance products under one marketplace specially aimed to cater to the global crypto market. We are a user-centric insurance aggregator, working towards optimising the experience of purchasing insurance – whether it be bought using fiat money, or cryptocurrency.

Our Future

The platform aims to bridge the gap in the insurance sector by collaborating with insurers and giving users historical data to make informed decisions on what cover is best-suited to their unique situation, as well as giving them the liberty to act upon this decision on their own terms. Additionally, it offers affordable covers, transparent pricing, and multiple payment options.

We will soon bring about a newfound era of innovation in the insurance market and be the first platform of its kind to offer a democratic safety net to all.